Echoes of War

Setting of the Black Sun
May they rest in pieces.

Upon finding a secret passageway through the caves of the ancient Giants, we raced along with barely a moment to catch our breath. We came to a stairway leading up into a new and somehow even more mysterious area. Zan, as per what now seems to be tradition, trudged his way up and exposed the danger of the room to the rest of us. It appeared that there were some cultists lurking in the dark corners, as cowards often do. They weren’t a huge challenge to our group and were easily dealt with. We kept true to the threats Runa shouted to them, for the black sun did indeed set that night!

We collected what we could from that battle, but we didn’t have much time to examine in detail the use of any of those items. We moved along to yet another span of the caves. That was where we found Jam (that’s his nickname because Emessha said he loved to eat jam). He stood before us calmly and coldly. He spoke in common but his words were clearly not his own. He was owned by another force, his life now dedicated to serving Naarash and feeding his ever-growing thirst for power. He stood atop a staircase leading to a pedestal topped with a red rock-like structure, glowing and emitting arcane power. As we entered the room, he told us to “please, have a seat and rest”. He gestured to a small sitting area and a suspicious goblet of wine, insisting that we rest because we wouldn’t have been enough of a challenge to him in our current state. I examined the “wine” and although he claimed it was not poison in one form or another it had a suspicious aura and I couldn’t lower myself to the point of trusting a possessed creature like this….my company on the other hand, drank and felt rejuvenated and full of power…so I guess he kept his word that it wouldn’t harm us, but I don’t regret not partaking for I felt no need to. I do not trust the power granted by the hand of an enemy.

The great battle had begun and as we fought we attacked not only Jam, but also the arcane forces we believed to be controlling him. We believed that attacking the stone behind him and destroying it might have been able to free him from the spell he was seemingly under. We even went so far as to have Runa touch her holy symbol to it, with hopes of casting out the evil forces, however…the forces were strong and as she did, she was thrown from it. We fought Jam, but gently….for we did not want to kill him. Our fight was not with him. We all made attempts to remind him of his past and although he seemed to hear us, he didn’t have the authority to stop the demonic influence over him. It often just angered him and made him stronger. In a final attempt I said “we admit your powerful, but Emmesha holds the promise of an even greater power, that of the path of light.” It was after I said that, that his face showed genuine remorse and he fell to knees. He muttered what sounded like an apology to Il’yena before pulling the talisman from his own neck. Despite writhing in pain for a moment on the cave floors, he died a noble and heroic death. He knew it was the only way and we gathered his cloak with the symbol of the path of light so that we may return it to Emesha and tell her the tale of her friend’s final moments. I know that although she will be filled with great sorrow upon losing her friend, she can find comfort in knowing that he returned to the path of light before he fell.

As beautiful as that small moment of triumph may have been, it didn’t last long. The stone upon the pedestal exploded into a burst of flames and finally we met our true battle with the demon scum himself…Naarash. He was even uglier than I could have imagined (no wonder he chooses to possess others). He spoke to us saying “you have defeated my champion, who will claim my power”…after some awkward silence of thinking ‘is this thing joking right now?’ we all denied his “offer”. The fowl-looking Balgura couldn’t take a hint and just leave so he decided to pick a fight with the lot of us despite the fact that we just killed his “champion”. Gotta love a stubborn creature that willingly seeks out it’s own destruction like that. We battled for a good while before a final swing of Zan’s axe put an end to the creature, causing him and the eye of Naarash to dissipate in a blood red flash of light and smoke. Nothing remained but a scorch mark of where the demon had fallen…and some residium, a necklace, and a magical sword.

It wasn’t long after we looted the bodies that a gnome, calling himself Jodelenessus, appeared wearing some pretty spiffy clothing. He informed us that he and his friend (whom he referred to as the “great hunter” with a slight under-tone of mockery/sarcasm) had been watching us and following our adventures. Naturally we bombarded him with questions for his appearance was timely and strange. He explained that his friend whom he had mentioned “takes many forms”, so I asked what her favorite tends to be and he took what seemed to be a shot in the dark and picked Elf. The last thing this group needs to encounter is another stinking shape-shifter…but…at least this one is on our side. He also mentioned that her name was something like “Rhiopax”, I didn’t ask him how to spell it, as I thought it would seem rude that we’re already keeping tabs on himself and his friend. We asked about what brought them together in their comradeship and he explained that they had a common goal. He seemed a bit uneasy discussing matters in this cave and told us we can seek him out for further information in the library of “Correnburg” (again didn’t question spelling for it will reveal itself in time). He pointed us to a safe passage through a cave system and ensured us that he can take a message (and some form of payment) to our friend Glassor for being so brave and reliable. Also he claimed he would send a message to this Rhiopax to start tracking L’arc. So as he disappeared into a puff of purple mist, we began our journey through the next channel of the cave…

The Amethyst Turned Brown

It’s nice not having to worry about wolves while we sleep, thanks to our friend Valorin. After waking in the town of Grellreach, we explored the surrounding woods, only to find nothing. Just like the rest of the town, the woods had nothing of value. We made our way into the temple, where we passed two dozen guards. Valorin and Kalea tried their best to give away our ruse, but the guards were more dimwitted than I thought. At one point, a guard confronted us, and Kalea said, “Fuck you, I rolled a 25.” Must be a human expression. The guards believed it though… As the archers say, “idiots doing idiot things because they’re idiots.”

Further down the hallway, we saw a deathsquad approaching. Valorin and Kalea cheered them loudly. Now that’s something I can get behind. We had almost made our way past all the guards when some asshole rode up on a horse and pointed us out. Finally… time for battle.

We hurried into the room at the end of the hallway. I quickly shut the heavy doors behind us and the three of us pushed a massive wooden bar across them to lock the doors. After closing the doors, a protection spell activated in the room. Dammit… I was so close to coating my axe with the blood of fools. Since we were in the room already, I breathed ice on the locking mechanism so the cultists couldn’t get to us. Valorin found his way out of the room into a mysterious room with a very sticky floor. We discovered that this was where groups of giants would consummate a marriage. Ew. Good thing my feet can’t get pregnant.

Moving on, we found an armor room, where three suits of armor came to life. We managed to make short work of them and cut down all three suits of armor. After beating them, Les conveniently found the switch to shut them down. We then found a secret passage, which led us to a hallway with some shimmering amethysts in the hallway. I wonder what those are for…

We continued down the hallway until we discovered a few zombie hulks in a medical room. We also killed them and went back into the hallway to search for a passage out of there. While looking for the door, Runa did find find a use for the amethysts in the wall. Seems like they were supposed to be used in the giant orgy room. She managed to squeeze one of the gems into its final resting place. I don’t want that gem back anymore.

After sodomizing the giant corpse, we found a secret door in the hallway. Hopefully we have some cultists to kill in here.

Excerpt from the Journal of Runa Mroranon, Cleric of Onatar

4th day of the Month of Dravago 998yk

We’ve made it to what looks like the last civilized outpost in this area, Grellreach. It’s not much of a town but they’ve at least been putting up a fight against the cultist in the area. That’s evident by the cultist bodies they have strung up around the perimeter. Despite this there’s still a sense of hopelessness that hangs over the people here. I feel more then ever that I’m on the right path, that Onatar has brought me and my friends here to help bring peace back to this region.

We’ve met someone who can aid us on our journey and get us to the cultist temple, The Pillars of Night. Glasur, a Dwarf who has obviously seen some sorrow, has agreed to use his Moon Boat to take us up river. I’m not sure if we’ll find Jaryn there alive or dead, but it’s evident he went that why. Those I spoke to saw him past this way a few months ago in the company of a Teifling, apparently half mad.

We’ll see what tomorrow’s trek up river brings.

5th day of the month of Dravago 998yk

Pulled by two Dire Pikes, Galsur’s boat has taken us far up River. The effects of the cultist activity is apparent by the burnt and raided villages we passed. It seems that the cult has become more organized in the last few months, almost militaristic. We saw this for ourselves as we came upon some Dragonborns in the process of burning a village.

Luckily, we were in time to rescue the surviving villagers as we jumped from Galsur’s boat onto the land. While Zan tried to talk (and of course intimidate) the Dragonborn cultists, Val noticed the pendants hanging from their necks. They were similar to the ones that we had seen before but with red jewels in the middle of them.

The cultists attacked us, which is what usually happens when Zan tries conversing with someone. While Zan hurled Draconic insults at two of the Dragonborn, Val attacked and ripped a pendant from the third cultist. The effect was immediate and astounding, death! What kind of magic is going on here?! Armed with this new information we quickly dispatched the other two Dragonborn.

We went through the burning buildings looking for survivors. Val deftly jumped through one of the buildings windows, but unfortunately landed right in the hands of a Bugbear. By the time we got there he was almost dead so Zan ferociously attacked with his flaming ax. The bugbear quickly shifted and Zan’s ax was firmly planted in Val’s chest! With some of Onatar’s healing power I sealed the wound and Val was able to get out of the Bugbear’s grasp. Zan then quickly cut the Bugbear down.

After saving Val and putting out the fires the villagers thanked us for saving them and started putting the remains of their village back together. I promised them that we’d set things right and get rid of this cult once and for all.

As we made camp tonight we were attacked by a teleporting, poison dagger wielding asshole. It was the Teifling Dajani that was seen traveling with Jaryn. We were tired and in no mood for the likes of this Teifling, but having no choice we killed him and stole his boots. He did have one last message for us, “Jaryn has found is true purpose in life”. What could this mean, what have they done with Jaryn?

Time to rest, hopefully by the Grace of Onatar and The Host we’ll make it to The Pillars of Night soon and will find some answers. It’s time to put these evil cultist down!

Flying Prison

The Bar was welcoming and the ales had a strong spice of Orc sweat. It was as crudely spiced and somehow it all worked together in its own way. The spirits of this plane is nothing like the fey wilds but I enjoy how the inhabitants all make it work. I was mulling over the accents in my Ale when the spunky bard and Daunting Dragon break the merriment with a familiar sullen dwarf. It was Jarrem the youngest and greenest of the dwarven company. They had found him at the Lion’s maw after I was unsuccessful at getting a crowd into better spirits at the Salty dog.

Runa tried religiously to bring about the dwarf’s senses. It turns out that the company of dwarves were slaughtered brutally all in front of Jarrem. The sad twist to the story was their assailant was in guise as Jarrem himself. Poor Dwarf is likely to kill himself, and the dragon’s only quarrel is that we didn’t get that 300 gold that we rightfully deserved. Feeling responsible we lead him to the druid to heal his mind.

We headed back to our inn to get our last drink and rest up for the night. It felt like the somber tones of the night was making our hearts and heads heavy. Only a little too heavy, the room got dark and the echoes of the bar quickly became silenced as our consciousness was torn away.

We were drugged, Pitifully, cowardly drugged. While we were carted off, whispers graced my ears. A name.

“ L’arc.”

Jean the cursed scourge of mutiny bay, I have a chance to reclaim my family necklace. Bleeding thoughts as the wits about me were lost to the drugs again.

Finally we awoke in the hull of a boat, an old galleon with a modified jail cell below deck. We must have made a name for ourselves to have someone go this far to capture us. If it means getting closer to L’arc I’ll ride this boat to his door step.

As we clamored to our feet, I wasted no time to get our things. Fey stepping through the crude bars I equipped my trades tools. I noticed another deck below us with out second thought I reinforced the hull door shut. I rallied the heroes and nimbly undid the rudimentary locks. Scorn was on my mind for I knew L’arc was near. I stealthed up the stairs to glimpse the crew about the upper deck. Peering through the small crack in the door I brace to get a glimpse our surroundings. There were more crewmen than I could take on my own. I turned to my friends again and revealed my past to them.

They agreed a surprise attack was the best course of action. We burst from below deck. Weapon ablaze, for zan literally, we brandished our attacks on the crew men. Suddenly I found us not a midst the sea, but soaring through clouds. We were aloft in the sky like some song bird. Neither swaying nor rocking of the boat was to be felt. We were gracefully soaring over the land. The blaring sounds of Zan’s bull rush had flung a crew man over board. The harsh sounds bringing my mind back to our battle. He gruffly told him to join us or die but his fate was already sealed as the man climbed back up he was cut down with Zan’s heavy steel.

There at the Helm was Jarace, how is he tied to L’arc I thought to myself. Before I could continue my thoughts an eruption bellowed from below us. Fire brazenly consumed the vessel. Smoke rolled up like a sheet over the side.

A drake, or small dragon burst from the hull, Men’s screams of agony filled the air. Zanril attempts to communicate to his brother but was not met with a response that I could distinguish. As we attempted to get to Jarace he was already off on a Ornathopter. The ship now roaring with hot waves of flames was coming down. The ship was falling through the air. Kalea, the only one with her mind about her, used the enchanted rope to make us an escape. Off the bow of the boat she tied one end and let loose the other. She climbed down Runa the garish dwarf decided the rope was too easy and dove for the water. If it were not for the peril, I would have doubled over in laughter. I went for the rope next. I effortless descended the rope then gracefully dove for the river. Once amidst the water I let the current take me to shore. Zan, the brute, came down and if one were watching from shore would have thought he pulled the ship down to the ocean himself.

We found refuge in a camp. Speaking to the guards Runa was able to find that there was an epidemic of cultists purging the lands. Our luck in finding trouble never ends. Screams in the night echoed our camp. Assailants were about to end the lives of a child and his mother. Thanks to our agility we intervened and innocent blood was not shed.

A beautiful warrior in light appeared Emisha, a kalishtar, gave us her thanks. She is a follower of the Path of eternal light. Her mission was to cleanse the land of the Hand of Nearash. She had lost a paladin Jaryn a member of her order and would like us to find him.

Agreeing to help deliver the world from another cult, we headed out in the morning. Unfortunately none of us knew the length of the march would test our endurance so extensively. Runa and I quickly fell behind during the hike from town to town. Sightings, murmurs of a paladin etching his way west kept us going. Eventually we found villages burnt to the grown. No remorse was felt for the slain, pure destruction rained down on them. Those that have perpetrated these crimes will pay. Only ashes remained yet Runa did not pay respects to them as we went through. Has the toil of this world gotten the better of her too? My resilience exhausted I collapsed during the trek. My team had to drag me to the last town. There we rested.

Amidst our stay with the farmer, the Hand appeared, demanding the arms that the farmer had promised. We had no intentions of delivering this promise. Zanril, in all his rage cut down a bugbear in mere second. Using the life drinker dagger I was able to deliver a precise gash, spilling another assailants blood and emptying necrotic poison into him.

Runa, Kalea supported us and ran through two more. Finally Kalea approached the farmer and appealed to his better senses to try and get him to stop giving weapons to the Hand of Nearash. He truly felt he was protecting his village and would not lot us rest as we put him in danger. Zan did not like that and quickly showed his fearsome temper. He intimidated the old man but so much so he didn’t want to consider us as guests. Finally Runa found a girl that was able to lead us to where the Paladin had been seen last.

As we approached an encampment of ruins Jaryn met us there with vigor. Ii was good to see we a task come to an end.

Again it seems the tables turn on us. As Runa was about to cure his wounds, he jumped and stabbed her. The fool was mental. He then left no trace, he disappeared into the bushes. I hate being played a fool I felt a farce being pulled on us.

Again Jaryn comes out of the bushes and we try to greet him. And once more he stabs at Zanril….

This time before he could escape I stealth and stab him, pushing him to the center of the ruins. Yet another Jaryn now comes out and goes after Kalea a fight then peruses with these doppelgangers. We go back and forth as they conceal themselves from our vision. A rigorous battle with no clues to go on exhausts us again. We decide to camp for the night.

Copper dragons, eyeballs, and hippogriffs oh my!
The journey to Zarasha'ak

Where do I even begin? The journey towards Zarasha’ak has been long and accompanied by many obstacles. Despite the many hardships we have faced as a team, I find that my companions and I have only grown stronger in both our friendships and our super awesome fighting skills. The search continues for our not so friendly, oh so cowardly friend the dwarf-wad of dwarfingtons who is Sorrik. Even more interestingly, we have since found out that there is a changling amongst them and I think we’re all eager to see what will come of the situation upon finding them. We left the town in our usual manner, well-rested and ready for anything. Barril so kindly offered us a barge that we were able to use to travel swiftly with the currents. Definitely thoughtful of him for we wouldn’t feel so well-rested otherwise. Plus it makes me feel like he comprehends the true nature of our urgency in finding these bastards. We eventually reached a point where we needed to continue on foot. Progress as usual. The town we stopped in wasn’t of much interest and despite my efforts to reach out for some hospitality in a community of nothingness we still wound up sleeping in a barn. Always with the barns….but we had a roof over us, and stayed warm and dry so I really can’t complain. We called it an early night to stay ahead of schedule and we absolutely did. We continued on foot through some woodlands and as we walked we could hear the massive yet gentle whooping of the wind beneathe the wings of something. At the time we were unsure of what it was, but we knew one thing…it was something big. There was an unwelcoming presence about the place and just to remain on the edge of caution we decided to camp without a fire that evening. Thankfully, morning came without any issues. Val, after having taken his usual night watch, described the usual highlights of the evening. From who snored the loudest, to the lack of wolves on his behalf, to more serious happenings like the smoke from the fires coming from the tower nearby. Naturally, curiosity got the best of us and we went to investigate. When we reached the gates of the tower we were welcomed by angry human voices. Val tried to reason with these folks, but unfortunately they answered by loading the ballista and beginning to aim. One of them shouted something about how they’d “rather die by your hand than Korzinalikur” That’s when things took a turn. Zan bustled forward and destroyed their gate making it quite easy for Val to step in and say hello in his own special way (in this case daggers). Soon enough we were all in the courtyard fighting our way past a wave of disgusting, unwashed, barely clothed, weirdy beardy men. These ruffians were no match for our skill. As we fought I could feel arcane energy emitting from the only room we had left unopened. After a short rest and a chance to catch our breath from the first little battle, we decided that room was worth further investigation. Upon opening the door we were greeted by a Copper Dragon rising from a pit in the center of the room and hissing and spitting horrible acid at us. We also noticed there was a tiefling and some bugbears on the other side of the pit. The tiefling was especially snidey and over-confident as he sneered and snickered whilst the acid washed over us. Zan, uncharacteristically seemed to be trying to reason with the dragon that we all assumed to be this “coors and a liquor” we had heard about. Zan was babbling back and forth with the dragon in Draconic. For all I know, he did his usual attempt to intimidate and just happened to fail miserably. In any case, we ended up killing the tiefling and the bugbears as the dragon, who was unusually small for a dragon, flew around in the courtyard. She eventually came back for more and we nearly had her killed before she decided to flee. As she flew away, she said “if Jodellenesis wants it so badly, you take it.” It seems that she misunderstood our intentions, but that’s just another day for us. So with our curiosity peaked and a big empty tower to explore, we began searching for anything of interest. We all crept down a spiral staircase that lead to a nearly blinding pile of treasure and a pool of very frigid water. We had found a bag of holding and Runa was absolutely thrilled because she was carrying pretty much everything before and it was beginning to be too clunky and heavy for even her dwarvish strength. We decided to keep quite a few other interesting trinkets as well. Then we turned out attention to the very magical orb that was within the center of the pool. Zan decided to trudge through and get the orb, which we instructed him to just scoop it up with the bag of holding so we don’t have to have any more worries as far as him having unnecessarily weird contact with magical items. He totally touched it anyway, but he seemed alright. We all inspected the orb but other than it being the source of the previously mentioned arcane energy, it mostly just seemed like a marbled rock. It was swirled red and white. We took a moment to admire it before shoving it into the much more exciting find….the bag of holding! After that, we continued on towards Tharasha’ak. We arrived in the evening, where we found an inn called the Salty Tusk. The halfling-run establisment was exactly what we needed. Cozy beds and the most comforting of food and drink were ours as we needed. As we entered I noticed an orc playing piano and I found it so endearing I couldn’t help but join in song. The crowd seemed pleased as we played and sometimes you just need a break. Usually those times are after a dragon battle and travling. As I jammed out with my new friend, Runa went off to pray at the temple. Meanwhile Zan and Val decided to go off and shop. Shopping? Seriously? Take a break. I don’t feel like I missed anything because they returned to the inn later empty-handed. Runa and I agreed to shop in the morning. We asked around about the dwarves but nobody has seen anything out of the ordinary. The next day we asked one of the merchants and he did recall seeing 3 dwarves come off of a ship, but he was unable to describe them. With this city being as busy as it is most days, we can’t say for sure if it’s who we’ve been searching for. Before we could finish our little group outing to the market, we noticed Zan being somewhat urgently pulled along to a back room and we all followed. He was a Druid who told us that he could remove Zan’s weird eyeball armor. What a comforting thought because the last time we tried to get rid of it, Zan was pretty much super hungover. The druid assured us that he could remove it with a very low risk of Zan dying so we all urged Zan to shut up and let this guy remove it. Thankfully his trust in his friends paid off, and the armor was removed. Or at least…the eyeballs were removed from the armor. The armor, we’re told, is still pretty wearable with the added bonus of it not talking to Zan anymore or staring at us in our sleep. We went back to the good ol’ Salty Tusk for celebratory food and drink. So far so good.

Short Friends
Rescue at Storm Tower

Zanril and his fantastic fightin’ friends encountered Baril, the Reeve of Patrahk’n and his cowardly dwarf friend, Sorik. Their town recently experienced a spree of dwarf-nappings, which strangely coincided with a prolonged bout of storms. Sorik, along with several other dwarves, were kidnapped and marched through the surrounding woods. Fortunately for Sorik (but unfortunately for Eberron), he escaped their clutches and returned home. He agreed to help our party by leading us to where he was being held prisoner.

As we trekked through the woods, we encountered a fork that gave us two options: The walking trail or the path less traveled. Naturally, we chose the beautiful, lush weeds and overgrown shrubbery. Because reasons. On the way, the graceful Valorin got his leg snatched up by a swamp alligator. Being the true friend that he is, he fey-stepped out of the gator’s grasp and pushed him towards his buddy, Zanril. The party quickly also got ambushed by zombies or something and Sorik valiantly dove into the nearest bush and proved himself to be completely useless while the people helping him get his friends back were attacked. After a long and hard battle, the party emerged victorious with delicious gator meat and Zanril developed a contentious hatred towards the dwarf.

After getting through the woods, the party stumbled upon a clearing with many tents and a tower built by the wizard Vanamere. They decided to infiltrate the tower by offering up their cowardly dwarf acquaintance as bait, along with their party member Runa. Sorik protested, but was more or less forced to go along with the party’s plan because nobody would have missed him if they murdered him and left him in a ditch. When they entered the tower, they flashed the customary gang signs of the region. Being a bunch of white dudes and a dragonborn, this looked weird AF and just confused the bandits. The party took advantage of their confused state and convinced them that they were working for the same master. The bandits demanded that the party hand over the dwarf ‘prisoners’ and wanted to kick them down a hole into the basement. Vowing to protect Runa, Zanril jumped in and attacked the nearest bandit, which started a battle between the two parties. Sorik recognized a fellow prisoner in the tower, so the party tried to free him, but he stabbed Zanril and escaped the battlefield. Dwarves are dicks. The party freed Runa and wound up victorious over the bandits. The party took two prisoners of their own and left them guarded by Sorik while they explored the tower.

The party jumped into the basement of the tower and found the additional dwarf prisoners being guarded by several more bandits. Zanril walked up to the strongest fiend and visciously hit him in the face with his axe, which staggered and bloodied him. The savage Kalea followed this up with an attack of her own, which killed the fiend. Meanwhile, Valorin the Valorous took on an dark rogue who attacked with a dagger dipped in poison. Valorin bested him and stole the weapon for himself, but also managed to step in a living bear trap. After defeating the bandits, the party freed the dwarves and shockingly discovered the dwarf that Sorik had recognized upstairs. He told them that there was a changeling with the bandits, who must have taken his form. The party quickly climbed back up to ground level to check on Sorik and the prisoners only to find that they were missing. Despite losing their acquaintance, Zanril swore that he would have his head for his cowardice if they were ever to meet again.

Quickly getting over the loss of Sorik, the party explored the rest of the tower. They soon came to a hallway filled with flamethrowers built into the wall. Valorin was able to defeat the trap by fey-stepping to the other side of the flames then pulling a lever to shut them off. They charged ahead through a hallway lined with sarcophagi. Valorin unfortunately stopped in front of one, which was an iron maiden in disguise. It opened up, grabbed Valorin, and proceeded to close on him. Zanril the Mighty was able to pry it open and save his friend. The next room offered the party a puzzle centered around various piles of colored goblin skulls. After several unsuccessful attempts which spawned enemies, the party was able to solve the puzzle and advance into the boss’ chamber where they found Jarris, the dastardly head of the bandit organization. Despite a long and grueling fight, he changed into a wraith form and escaped the tower.

The party found the remains of the honorable Vanamere in his casket. They tried to open it, but it was bound by a religious ritual. Fortunately, Runa was able to break the seal so the party could scour the grave for treasure. They found a lot of gold and silver, several emeralds, a Sword of Thunder, and plate armor.

They took a break to sleep outside the tower, where Zanril heard a familiar voice in his head. His armor frequently spoke to him at night and encouraged him to see more of the world. He finally told the rest of the party around this, which somehow made a piece of armor made out of muscles and eyes even creepier. Getting nervous that his armor was getting too powerful, he covered it up while he slept, which severely pissed it off. He woke up in a hungover stupor and a reduced feeling of power.

After returning to town, the party first visited Baril’s house, but only his wife was home. She told them that they can find Baril in the town’s inn. They approached him in the inn and loudly inquired about his dwarf friend, but he quickly asked them to tone it down and invited them to his table. Zanril brought up the terms of payment to Baril and used his fearsome presence to demand 450 gold. Baril only agreed to pay 300 gold, but he did buy the party a lavish feast. Baril was, however, surprised to see the party as a dwarf matching Runa’s description arrived with the party of dwarves the previous day. Baril pointed the party in the direction of the dwarves expedition, which is the capitol city of Zarash’ak.

With their new found information, the party is off to Zarash’ak!

Khyber's Harvest
Closing the Eye...?
The Search for Doria
The Long Road to Blackroot
Escape from Wroat
Unlikely Companions

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