Echoes of War

Excerpt from the Journal of Runa Mroranon, Cleric of Onatar

4th day of the Month of Dravago 998yk

We’ve made it to what looks like the last civilized outpost in this area, Grellreach. It’s not much of a town but they’ve at least been putting up a fight against the cultist in the area. That’s evident by the cultist bodies they have strung up around the perimeter. Despite this there’s still a sense of hopelessness that hangs over the people here. I feel more then ever that I’m on the right path, that Onatar has brought me and my friends here to help bring peace back to this region.

We’ve met someone who can aid us on our journey and get us to the cultist temple, The Pillars of Night. Glasur, a Dwarf who has obviously seen some sorrow, has agreed to use his Moon Boat to take us up river. I’m not sure if we’ll find Jaryn there alive or dead, but it’s evident he went that why. Those I spoke to saw him past this way a few months ago in the company of a Teifling, apparently half mad.

We’ll see what tomorrow’s trek up river brings.

5th day of the month of Dravago 998yk

Pulled by two Dire Pikes, Galsur’s boat has taken us far up River. The effects of the cultist activity is apparent by the burnt and raided villages we passed. It seems that the cult has become more organized in the last few months, almost militaristic. We saw this for ourselves as we came upon some Dragonborns in the process of burning a village.

Luckily, we were in time to rescue the surviving villagers as we jumped from Galsur’s boat onto the land. While Zan tried to talk (and of course intimidate) the Dragonborn cultists, Val noticed the pendants hanging from their necks. They were similar to the ones that we had seen before but with red jewels in the middle of them.

The cultists attacked us, which is what usually happens when Zan tries conversing with someone. While Zan hurled Draconic insults at two of the Dragonborn, Val attacked and ripped a pendant from the third cultist. The effect was immediate and astounding, death! What kind of magic is going on here?! Armed with this new information we quickly dispatched the other two Dragonborn.

We went through the burning buildings looking for survivors. Val deftly jumped through one of the buildings windows, but unfortunately landed right in the hands of a Bugbear. By the time we got there he was almost dead so Zan ferociously attacked with his flaming ax. The bugbear quickly shifted and Zan’s ax was firmly planted in Val’s chest! With some of Onatar’s healing power I sealed the wound and Val was able to get out of the Bugbear’s grasp. Zan then quickly cut the Bugbear down.

After saving Val and putting out the fires the villagers thanked us for saving them and started putting the remains of their village back together. I promised them that we’d set things right and get rid of this cult once and for all.

As we made camp tonight we were attacked by a teleporting, poison dagger wielding asshole. It was the Teifling Dajani that was seen traveling with Jaryn. We were tired and in no mood for the likes of this Teifling, but having no choice we killed him and stole his boots. He did have one last message for us, “Jaryn has found is true purpose in life”. What could this mean, what have they done with Jaryn?

Time to rest, hopefully by the Grace of Onatar and The Host we’ll make it to The Pillars of Night soon and will find some answers. It’s time to put these evil cultist down!



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