Echoes of War

The Amethyst Turned Brown

It’s nice not having to worry about wolves while we sleep, thanks to our friend Valorin. After waking in the town of Grellreach, we explored the surrounding woods, only to find nothing. Just like the rest of the town, the woods had nothing of value. We made our way into the temple, where we passed two dozen guards. Valorin and Kalea tried their best to give away our ruse, but the guards were more dimwitted than I thought. At one point, a guard confronted us, and Kalea said, “Fuck you, I rolled a 25.” Must be a human expression. The guards believed it though… As the archers say, “idiots doing idiot things because they’re idiots.”

Further down the hallway, we saw a deathsquad approaching. Valorin and Kalea cheered them loudly. Now that’s something I can get behind. We had almost made our way past all the guards when some asshole rode up on a horse and pointed us out. Finally… time for battle.

We hurried into the room at the end of the hallway. I quickly shut the heavy doors behind us and the three of us pushed a massive wooden bar across them to lock the doors. After closing the doors, a protection spell activated in the room. Dammit… I was so close to coating my axe with the blood of fools. Since we were in the room already, I breathed ice on the locking mechanism so the cultists couldn’t get to us. Valorin found his way out of the room into a mysterious room with a very sticky floor. We discovered that this was where groups of giants would consummate a marriage. Ew. Good thing my feet can’t get pregnant.

Moving on, we found an armor room, where three suits of armor came to life. We managed to make short work of them and cut down all three suits of armor. After beating them, Les conveniently found the switch to shut them down. We then found a secret passage, which led us to a hallway with some shimmering amethysts in the hallway. I wonder what those are for…

We continued down the hallway until we discovered a few zombie hulks in a medical room. We also killed them and went back into the hallway to search for a passage out of there. While looking for the door, Runa did find find a use for the amethysts in the wall. Seems like they were supposed to be used in the giant orgy room. She managed to squeeze one of the gems into its final resting place. I don’t want that gem back anymore.

After sodomizing the giant corpse, we found a secret door in the hallway. Hopefully we have some cultists to kill in here.



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